Price List
Prices quoted in Canadian Dollars:          
Prices as of June 1, 2005 until further notice

WB10XB $1565.00 10'Package: 1-10' Frame section with extra bunk installed, 1 carriage, 3 log dogs,3 dimension stops,         
                1 Modified Oregon filing Guide, 1 raker gauge,1 bar and 1 loop of ripping chain
WB10XB15 $1675.00 Same as WB10XB but with a 15" extension
WB20XB  $2255.00 20'Package: 2--10' Frame sections (one frame with the extra bunk installed), 1 carriage, 3 log dogs,
                 3 dimension stops, modified file guide, 1 raker gauge, 1 bar and 1 loop of ripping chain 
WB20XB15  $2365.00 Same as  WB20XB but with a 15" extension

Extra 10' section ----------------------------------------------$950.00
15 inch extension (allows single section to mill to 9 feet)     $110.00
Extra bunk installed in frame for milling short wood -----------$160.00
Log Dog----------------------------------------------------------$60.00
Dimension stop---------------------------------------------------$17.00
30" modified Oregon bar(most make and models)--------------------$135.00
29" modified Cannon bar(Large Stihls)----------------------------$150.00
Ripping Chain for Woodbug----------------------------------------$50.00
Modified "Oregon" filing guide --------------------------------- $45.00
Pulp hook--------------------------------------------------------$25.00
We can also supply 7 tooth X 3/8 sprockets for 090 and 070 Stihls 

We can supply chain bars and sprockets for "Alaska Sawmills"
Let us know what you are running and we will work out a combination 
to make it perform.
Rip Chain...Normal or Skip.....................Per Drive link, 49 Cents
Ripping Chain hand Filed to Our Specs Per loop(RA)...........add $10.00
                                              (RD)...........add $15.00
("Ripping Chain," as it is manufactured requires hand filing before use)

** We recommend the use of chainsaws 90cc or larger for the Woodbug

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 Contact us by E-Mail 

Let us know what you need and we will contact you as to the cost (exchange, postage, freight). We do not use credit cards. Payment may be made by Money Order, personal check or cashiers check, sent to:

Woodbug Small Log Sawmill Ltd.

Box 138 -  1435 West Road

Heriot Bay, BC, Canada

V0P 1H0   

Phone Toll Free 1 (877) 966 3284   or (250) 923 7773

Fax     (250) 923 4413

Your mill is going to need a chainsaw. The link below will lead to a source of saws, mainly, Husqvarna but

many other top  brands as well. These people," know their stuff".

"Walkers" have an excellent reputation and they ship new and rebuilt saws
 all over the world.

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